Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our products.

1. Where do I find the serial number? On my Grip? On my HAWK Thunder? On my HAWK Spirit and on my HAWK PEN?

GRIPs: HAWK Pen GRIPS, SOL Nova GRIPS and Fixed GRIPS do not have a serial number. HAWK GRIPS S and M (for Thunder and Spirit and previously called Standard and 1-Inch), SOL GRIPS S, M and L (for Luna and Terra) as well as Flex GRIPS serial numbers are located on the top of the back stem where it inserts into the machine. Unscrew the fixing nut, the serial number can be seen once the GRIP is fully removed from the machine. The serial number starts with a “N” for HAWK GRIPS, a “Y” for SOL GRIPS and “FL” for Flex GRIPS. 

HAWK Thunder/Spirit, SOL Luna/Terra: The serial numbers for the HAWK Thunder, HAWK Spirit, SOL Terra and SOL Luna are located on the jack protecting ring where the power cable plugs in. For the HAWK Thunder and HAWK Spirt it starts with a “H”, for SOL Terra with a “T” and for SOL Luna with a “L”. 

HAWK Pen, SOL Nova, SOL Nova Unlimited: The serial numbers for the HAWK Pen, SOL Nova and SOL Nova Unlimited are located on the guide block, between the two O-rings, when the grip is completely removed. The serial number starts with a “P” for the HAWK Pen, a “C” for the black SOL Nova, “K” for SOL Nova colors, and “AK” for the SOL Nova Unlimited.

Power Unit I, II, IV (PU): The serial numbers for PU I and PU II are located on the bottom of the device. It consists of a 12-digit code, beginning with the first number after the “SN” symbol. The PU IV serial number is located on the back of the device and can be seen when the clip-on stand is completely removed. 

2. Why is it important to write down my serial number, when I send in my machine?

With the serial number, we find the status of your repair in our system. It is important to tell us your serial number, in case you have any telephone inquiries or e-mail requests regarding your repair status. E-mail address for your request:  support@cheyennetattoo.com

3. What happens, when I send my device to Cheyenne directly?

Here, you can accelerate the entire repair process. As soon as you send us all the necessary data incl. a fully detailed description of the error and your machine, we can start with the repair process. The form, which data we need from you, can be downloaded here https://cheyennetattoo.com/en/cheyenne-service/repair-service or can be found in the package of your newly bought machine.

4. Can I send my defect machine to my point of purchase?

Sure, your dealer will assist you with returning your defective device. If this is not possible, for example due to dropping out of business, etc., please see point 3.

5. Why do I have to provide my e-mail address?

Your e-mail address is important as we may have further questions regarding your repair in case we cannot identify the problem.

6. Why do I have to give my telephone number?

Some problems or queries about your device can be difficult to explain via mail. In such cases, it is easier and more efficient to quickly pick up the phone and analyze the problem and help to speed up the repair process.

Of course, we will only call you in cases of an extreme emergency. First, we always try to clarify issues by mail.

7. Only countries subject to tariffs! Why is it important to include a pro forma invoice?

Customs will not let the package pass, if the pro forma invoice is missing. This can cause extremely long delays. It is even possible, that your parcel will get returned to you with a waiting period of up to 6 weeks, without being repaired.

8. How and why do I lose my warranty?

You will lose the warranty if your machine is damaged by negligence or is opened by unauthorized staff/personnel.

Please remember, we have patented tools to open the machines.

You will lose the warranty as well if liquids enter the engine because you used non-Cheyenne cartridges and accessories. We can only guarantee a well-functioning workflow if you use original Cheyenne products.

9. How long does my warranty last?

All our tattoo machines have a 24-month warranty, starting with the date of purchase.

HAWK Thunder: 24 months
HAWK Spirit: 24 months
HAWK Pen: 24 months
SOL Luna: 24 months
SOL Terra: 24 months
SOL Nova: 24 months
SOL Nova Unlimited: 24 months

HAWK Grips: 24 months
SOL Grips: 12 months
Power Units: 24 months
Foot Switch: 24 months
Cable: 6 months
Battery: 6 months

After a repair you will receive an additional 6 months warranty on the repaired products.

10. How long does the shipping take in general?

This depends on the carrier you choose for your package. We recommend shipping via UPS. For UPS, the average shipping times are approximately as follows:

• Germany: 2-4 days
• EU: 5-12 days
• Rest of the World: 2-4 weeks

For the US different shipping times apply.

11. Where does my machine get repaired?

Normally your machine will be fixed directly in Berlin by Cheyenne. Thus, our competent staff guarantees the best results for you. Please send your machine to:

Repair Service
Blohmstraße 37 - 61
12307 Berlin / Germany
E-Mail: support@cheyennetattoo.com

For the US and Canada your machine will be fixed by Hawk Chait at our US Repair Center in Portland Oregon. We implemented the US Repair Service for you to make the shipping time shorter.

Please send all repairs to:

US Repair Center
3535 SE Tibbetts #1
Portland OR 97202
E-Mail: us.repair@cheyennetattoo.com
Instagram: @hawk_cheyenne

12. Why is it important to fill out all the requested data in the form, which is enclosed in the packaging?
The more data and information we receive, the faster we can perform high quality and satisfactory repair. Of course we make sure to only collect necessary data for the repair process. For further information and our handling of sensitive data, please refer to our privacy policy.

13. How can I help to speed up the repair process?
You can speed up the repair process by filling out the entire repair form, adding a detailed description of the problem and selecting a fast and reliable carrier for your shipping. For information on how to complete the form, please visit Repair Service.

14. Why am I not receiving e-mails regarding the repair process from Cheyenne?

The e-mails sent by us may have landed in your spam folder. This might be the result of your personal settings of your mailbox. In this case, please accept messages from us in your mailbox or save our e-mail address in your contacts.

15. Who can I contact, if I have any questions about the status of my repair?

If you have any questions about your repair, please send an e-mail to support@cheyennetattoo.com. Please do not forget to state your serial number. This is the only way to find your repair status information in our system.

16. What happens to my warranty after the repair process?

On all replaced parts you will get a new guarantee of 6 months. However, wear parts are excluded from this.

17. What is a cost estimate (quote) and why do I have to confirm it in written form / by e-mail?

If your machine is broken after the warranty period you will receive a quote. In this case the repair has to be paid. We are sending you the estimated cost form in order for you to decide whether you would like us to proceed with the repair

Additionally, we are obliged to send this information out by the German law (We are a Germany company based in Berlin). It is very important for us to receive a written confirmation of the cost estimate we sent out. According to German law we are not allowed to start the repair process until we have a written confirmation from you. It is important that you use the phrase „ I approve the estimate and agree on the repair of my device”

18. What happens, if I try to fix my device by myself?

If you try to repair your machine by yourself, the warranty will be void. There will be a charge for the repair of your device after you sign off on an estimate. We strongly recommend not to fix the machines on your own.

19. Do I have to oil or maintain my machine otherwise?

No. Cheyenne machines are a plug and play system. The closed build has been designed to make any maintenance or lubrication of the motor obsolete.

Opening and / or lubricating your machine is likely to cause the machine to malfunction. This also leads to the loss of the warranty.

20. Where can I get batteries for the SOL Nova Unlimited?
The SOL Nova Unlimited is powered by a Panasonic NCR18500A cell. If you need more than the two batteries supplied, you can obtain them from your local battery shop.

1. Where are the Cheyenne products produced? And by whom?
The Cheyenne products are proudly presented by Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment, located in Berlin, Germany. “Manufactured in Berlin” describes how important quality is for us. The design of the machines not only represents the accuracy of German production, but also how we value user experience, efficiency and safety. In order to keep up with a fast-changing market, we also established our own Cheyenne production facility for related products in India. We do send back all products to Germany for quality checks. We see ourselves as the pioneers of rotary tattoo machines, and we will continue bringing you the innovation you need as tattoo artists.

2. How is Cheyenne different from others?

Cheyenne is different in many aspects; we stress quality as our principle and developed all our products and strategies always with quality in mind. This principle brought us to the decision of producing our machines and cartridges in Germany. Only the best materials are sourced by our team, and user experience as well as beta tests with numerous tattoo artists are key factors for our product development. Every product is manually checked, from tattoo machine parts to every single needle, up until the finished product. We aim to bring Germany’s excellence in engineering to the tattoo industry and deliver the sophistication to the tools that elevate the art of tattooing. You will find Cheyenne unique in your hands.

3. Where can I buy the Cheyenne products, and how can I make sure that I buy the original Cheyenne product?
If you are from Europe or UK, you can buy Cheyenne products directly in the Cheyenne online shop. Apart from that Cheyenne has distributors in nearly every part of the world. Go to www.cheyennetattoo.com/en/about-us/distributors to select the region you’re in and find your closest distributor!

4. Can I tattoo all styles with Cheyenne machines?

Yes. We design our machines with a well-rounded consideration of all styles. Depending on your tattoo style and using habits, you are able to choose the Cheyenne tattoo machine in our range that suits you best. You can also find our Cheyenne Artists on this website and check out their styles and the machines they use. We would love to see you working in diverse styles with our products!

5. How long does Cheyenne provide a warranty for Cheyenne products? What does the warranty include?

Most of our products come with a warranty of 24 months, starting from the purchase date of your product. The SOL series comes with a 12-months warranty. We cannot have the products registered, but the serial number plays an important role for repairing your Cheyenne product; Under some circumstances of your product being repaired, we will grant an extra 6-month warranty.

6. What does the color-coding of the cartridges stand for?

You might have noticed the color-coding rings on our cartridges. They stand for different types of needle configurations, matching your style and working method. There are six types of color-coding rings: Black liners, Yellow round shaders, Blue powerliners, Green magnums, White magnum softedge and Red flats. Choose the ones that suit you best in order to enjoy top tier safety and quality.

7. Can I use other power units than Cheyenne’s for my Cheyenne device? Do I need adapters?

Yes, you can use your HAWK Spirit and HAWK Thunder with other power units. However, the Cheyenne HAWK PEN requires a start-up cable in order to work with some of them.

8. Can I use different tattoo machines with Cheyenne’s power units? Do I need adapters?

Yes, Cheyenne power units can be used with a wide range of different tattoo machines other than Cheyenne, provided you use the right adapter.

9. What is a start-up cable and what do I need it for?

The start-up cable will help you connect the Cheyenne HAWK with power units of other brands. This is because of the design of the power output that enables the HAWK to perform. With the start-up cable, you can connect our machines with the power unit of your choice!

10. What is the right voltage to run a Cheyenne machine?

Cheyenne HAWK Thunder and HAWK Spirit run between 5-12V, while HAWK PEN runs at 6-12.6V and the SOL Nova runs between 5-12.6V.

For frequencies, you can set the machines at 80-110 Hz for lining, 90-110 Hz for shading and 60-90 Hz for filling. Please note that this information is based on preferences of a variety of Tattoo Artists, and you might be more comfortable with different settings.

11. How do I clean Cheyenne machines or what is the right way to maintain my machine? Can I autoclave them?

Cheyenne machines are designed as a plug-and-play system. As for maintenance, always remember not to lubricate your machine! Apart from likely damage, lubricating also voids your warranty! In order to maintain your machine the right way, please read your operating instructions carefully. There we have summarized the most important information about cleaning the surfaces, ultrasonic baths and sterilization in an autoclave.

12. Can I sterilize Cheyenne disposable grips?

Disposable Grips are pre-sterilized and were designed for single use, having in mind the highest hygienic standards, a safe tattooing experience and your convenience as an artist. Disposable Grips will not be as perfect after the first use. Therefore, we do not recommend to sterilize and reuse them.

13. How can I become a Cheyenne sponsored artist?

We get approached for sponsorships every day from artists from all around the world. Because of that, it is not possible for us to answer every request individually. We kindly ask for your understanding.

The best way to get our attention is to use the hashtag #cheyennetattooequipment for your posts in social media. We are following that hashtag and we are always curious to see interesting works that have been created with our products.

Also we attend numerous international tattoo conventions and always keep an eye open. If we are interested in a cooperation we will approach you personally.