The tattoo grip is an important key element of the innovative Cheyenne tattoo machines. It ensures that the machine lies comfortably in the hand and secures Cheyenne cartridges. Cheyenne Grips are clean and solidly crafted, guaranteeing reliability and durability.

Cheyenne Tattoo Grips

Cheyenne Grips

Robust, ergonomic and easy to clean – these are the tattoo grips from Cheyenne. Our tattoo grips made of anodized aluminum and soft-touch plastic are especially handy and stable. What makes Cheyenne tattoo grips special is the unique "Click System", which allows to easily and quickly adjust the needle protrusion by simply turning the tattoo grip. Cheyenne cartridges are firmly and securely attached to the tattoo grip and covering the tattoo grips is easy and works with little effort. Cheyenne Disposable Grips - our sterile disposable grips - can be used even faster, since covering the tattoo grip is not necessary in this case.
To offer the best experience with Cheyenne tattoo machines, we have developed different tattoo grips for the essential needs of our users. Whether for our tattoo pens, angled tattoo machines or even machines from other manufacturers (coil and rotary machines) - we offer a selection of different sizes and designs for the perfect fit.
Cheyenne tattoo grips are the perfect basis for the use of our needle cartridge technology - the tattoo cartridges can be changed in seconds.