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The tattoo grip is an important key element of the innovative Cheyenne tattoo machines. It ensures that the machine lies comfortably in the hand and secures Cheyenne cartridges. Cheyenne Grips are clean and solidly crafted, guaranteeing reliability and durability.

Cheyenne Tattoo Grips

Cheyenne Grips

Cheyenne Grips are manufactured to be sleek and sturdy, using anodized aluminum or silicone-like plastic for single-use grips. The secret behind the popularity of our grips lies in the one-of-a-kind "Cheyenne Click System". This system allows tattoo artists to adjust needle protrusion quickly and easily with a simple turn of the grip. This saves time, since it’s so simple that there‘s no need to interrupt the working process. Another unbeatable argument for Cheyenne Grips is that they allow the safe and secure attachment of cartridges and easy covering to ensure hygienic work.
We developed our Disposable Grips and the HAWK PEN Grips for use with Cheyenne HAWK PEN. The D-Grip is a single-use grip with an ergonomic design made of a tender soft-touch material. The thread inside the grip consists of sturdy, high-quality ABS plastic, guaranteeing a perfect hold on the HAWK PEN or SOL Nova. Our Disposable Grips are sterile and delivered in blister packages, which can conveniently also be used as water cups. One grip lasts for an entire session, sparing you the laborious and time-consuming hassle of covering it. Like our other Cheyenne grips, the D-Grips also feature Cheyenne's outstanding cartridge technology, which makes it possible to quickly and easily exchange Cheyenne Cartridges. Our classic HAWK PEN Grips can also be used with the HAWK PEN. The HAWK PEN Grips are sturdy and easy to clean. They can be purchased separately from the tattoo machine.
When tattooing with the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit or HAWK Thunder, our HAWK Grips should naturally be your number one choice. But that doesn’t mean HAWK Grips can‘t be used with third-party machines, as the attachment of these grips has become a standard feature in the tattoo business.
Our range of grips is rounded off by our Fixed Grips and Flex Grips – real must-haves for tattoo artists. These two grips can be used with both coil and rotary machines. The Flex Grip allows you to regulate the needle protrusion, while the Fixed Grip does not offer needle depth adjustment. Our grips are sturdy and easy to clean, allowing you to work safely and hygienically.