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Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment

We have been developing and producing professional tattoo equipment in Berlin since 2007. We made a conscious decision to produce our equipment in Germany: This allows us to meet the highest product quality standards and offer our customers the best quality and greatest degree of safety. Made in Germany - Manufactured in Berlin.

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SOL NOVA - for precise lines and gentle shades

Cheyenne SOL Nova: An extremely powerful tattoo machine that's still gentle on the skin. Thanks to its ergonomic, pen-like shape and center of gravity at the front, this robust device offers optimal balance and ensures ideal tattoo results.

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Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment  – Made For Artists                          

Since 2007, we have been developing and producing professional tattoo equipment that meets the highest German product quality standards. We quickly established ourselves as the market leader in innovative, high-end tattoo equipment, and our Cheyenne machines and cartridges have achieved cult status.
From day one, Cheyenne has been synonymous with innovation and quality: We have developed a wide range of tattoo tools and never cease to amaze with new and innovative ideas. In 2007, we released the first tattoo machine with an electric motor. It presented an alternative to the classic coil machines, providing a whole new level of quality for the tattoo industry. With its lightweight construction and quick assembly, the machine allowed for longer sessions.
Other revolutionary inventions by Cheyenne include: The first single-use cartridge module for rotary machines, catapulting the aspects of hygiene and comfort to a new level; the exceptionally ergonomic Cheyenne HAWK PEN with its brand new shape; the world’s first "Click System" for grips, with infinitely adjustable needle protrusion.
Our innovations always strive to simplify and speed up the working processes of tattoo artists, thereby giving them more freedom to focus on developing their creative talents. Cheyenne proved this once again with one of its most recent developments, the unique power adapter Power Unit III. It allows for contact-free control and boasts clever technology that is tailored precisely to the needs of tattoo artists.
What makes our products stand out is technological sophistication coupled with the courage to try new things. Only in this way have we managed to gain the trust of countless tattoo artists around the globe. Cheyenne machines are talented all-rounders and permanent fixtures in any good tattoo artist’s equipment, because only Cheyenne machines offer professionals the opportunity to create tattoos in any style – and at the same level of quality. Lining, shading, filling – you only need one device. Working with our tattoo equipment means tattooing at the highest level, with precision and safety while meeting strict standards of hygiene.
Our products have already advanced the entire tattoo industry, but we never rest on our laurels. We continue to release innovative new products with unrivalled consistency. For tattoo artists and ink addicts with a zest for innovation and quality.