Cheyenne Machines all in color Cheyenne Machines all in color


Cheyenne tattoo machines stand for innovation, versatility and flawless quality. With the name HAWK, Cheyenne made tattoo history. The machines of the SOL series underline Cheyenne's innovative strength in the field of professional tattoo equipment. All Cheyenne tattoo machines are ergonomic, intuitive, long-lasting and reliable.

Cheyenne Tattoo Machines

Cheyenne Machines 

Today, Cheyenne tattoo machines have an iconic status in the tattoo industry. Our machines consist of three parts: the motor, the grip, and the exchangeable cartridges. This means that our devices do not require any additional parts or complicated settings. Simply set the needle protrusion and select the required voltage on the Power Unit, and you’re ready to go. Cheyenne tattoo tools are so easy and intuitive to use that tattoo artists can dedicate their full attention to the creative side of their work.
With our most recent development, the HAWK PEN, we’ve gone even further. As the name suggests, this tattoo machine is shaped like a large pen or marker. With this unique design, you’ll feel like you’re drawing on skin. The HAWK PEN is lightweight, noiseless, and runs steadily and smoothly with low-vibration. This makes it possible to work for hours on end without getting particularly tired.
But our timeless classic, the Cheyenne HAWK, has also become a staple in the tattoo business. The first Cheyenne tattoo machine was released in 2007 and, after some initial skepticism, has acquired fans and admirers all around the world. It gave our cartridges the popularity they enjoy today and astonished the tattoo world with its versatility and flexibility. To mark the tenth anniversary of this revolutionary machine, the Cheyenne HAWK has experienced a revival: The new edition of the machine features a new-and-improved motor and a hidden connection. A true eye-catcher in either matte black or matte anthracite.
And of course we can’t forget the Cheyenne tattoo machines HAWK Thunder and HAWK Spirit, our talented all-rounders. These machines are truly suitable for all tattooing methods and styles. The HAWK Thunder and HAWK Spirit offer unparalleled comfort, for the artist as well as the customers. They operate very quietly and with minimal vibration while offering exceptional power and swift needle strokes. Compared to the HAWK Thunder, the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit is somewhat gentler, but delivers perfect results just like its big sister.
All Cheyenne Tattoo machines are easy to cover for optimal hygiene and safety. They are produced in Germany, with exceptional, proven quality. The latest creation by Cheyenne is called SOL Nova and will impress any fan of skin art with its outstanding performance. Just like the HAWK PEN, this device stands out with its unique shape. Thanks to its perfect balance, the SOL Nova optimally rests in your hand and thereby gives you even more freedom to unleash your creativity – it allows you to tattoo with even more conciseness and care. Despite its remarkable power, the machine is gentle on your customers' skin, which has a positive effect on the healing process.
The Cheyenne SOL Terra and SOL Luna set a new standard for angled tattoo machines: From now on, an unmistakable work experience awaits you with a innovative technology! The SOL Terra and SOL Luna allow you to control the motor with different algorithms, but the implementation always remains powerful and gentle to the skin. This results in an extremely precise stitch pattern, a reduced pain sensation when tattooing and a shorter healing process. While the SOL Luna with 2.5mm stroke proves its strengths in transitions and shadings, the SOL Terra with 4mm stroke is especially suitable for lining and color packing. Both run from 25 - 150 Hz.
All Cheyenne tattoo machines are easy to cover for optimal hygiene and safety. They are produced in Germany, with flawless, tried-and-tested quality "Manufactured in Berlin".