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Made in Berlin

Since 2006 we develop and produce professional tattoo equipment in Berlin for many tattoo artists all over the world. We always focus on hygiene and safety.

We are Cheyenne

We have been developing and producing professional tattoo equipment in Berlin since 2006. We made a conscious decision to produce our equipment in Germany: This allows us to meet the highest product quality standards and offer our customers the best quality and greatest degree of safety. Today, we are the market leader in innovative, high-end tattoo equipment, shipping our products to over 63 countries around the globe.

We produce sophisticated tools for tattoo artists

In collaboration with a select group of artists, we create innovative tattoo equipment. We produce high-performance and reliable rotary machines, sterile needle cartridges in numerous configurations, ergonomic grips, and practical tattoo accessories. Above all, we see ourselves as producers of high-quality consumable material.
We place particular value on our exchange with tattoo artists, because we can only offer real added value to the market if we know exactly what tattoo artists need for their work: simple and easy-to-use tools and first-class tattoo needles that offer the greatest-possible degree of safety.
“Fantastic quality, great items. The best products out there."
Bene Bader, German tattoo artist

We meet medical standards

Hygiene and safety are a top priority in the tattoo business. Cheyenne has its roots in medical technology, which gives us the necessary know-how and the possibility to comply with the most demanding medical standards when producing our needles.
All our cartridges feature the patented Cheyenne Safety Membrane, which keeps fluids away from the grip and the machine. The Safety Membrane guarantees the utmost safety – for the both the artist and the customers.
"The customer is my number one priority. I would never trust any other product than the Original Cheyenne Cartridges and thereby expose my customers to risk."
Julian Siebert, German tattoo artist

We focus on artists

We consider it our job to offer tattoo artists equipment that makes their work as easy as possible. Our products are designed to simplify complicated processes, allowing artists to concentrate entirely on what’s important – expressing themselves through their art. We primarily focus on innovation, quality, and safety. These three aspects help us equip artists with the best of the best – for their creative freedom.
"Before switching to the Cheyenne HAWK PEN, I had to prepare multiple machines and several needles. Since I started using the HAWK PEN, all I need is eight cartridges on hand and it’s like I have eight different machines. It’s like eight machines in one!"
Bob Tyrrell, American tattoo artist

We want to advance the tattoo industry

With our products, we have already succeeded in revolutionizing the tattoo industry several times. The Cheyenne HAWK was the first tattoo machine with an electric motor on the market. Our cartridges were the first single-use cartridges for rotaries, catapulting the level of convenience and hygiene to new heights. 
We are constantly working on improving our products. On the one hand, we strive to enrich the tattoo market with tools that significantly simplify the art of tattooing and let artists spend more time on their art. On the other hand, we want to meet the evolving needs of tattoo artists.
"After the HAWK Thunder hit the market, I thought there could never be anything better.
But then the HAWK PEN came along!"
Alex de Pase, Italian tattoo artist

In memory of Konrad Lackner

Konrad Lackner was a man who helped Cheyenne make tattoo history. When Cheyenne introduced the motorized rotary as an alternative to the tried-and-tested magnetic coil machine, Konrad managed to convince tattoo artists to look past their initial skepticism. Until then, motorized machines were only used to apply permanent make-up, which meant that many tattoo artists greeted the idea of using rotary machines for "real tattoos" with doubt and criticism.
Konrad Lackner was a visionary: He recognized the value of the experience gained in the area of permanent make-up and saw its potential benefits for the tattoo industry. Konrad helped facilitate the breakthrough of the first rotary machine by travelling the world to convince tattoo artists to try the Cheyenne HAWK. He thereby made vital contributions to the global success of our brand.
Konrad Lackner passed away in the summer of 2017. He left behind a large fan community, numerous colleagues, many friends, and admirers of his work.