No tattoo artist's professional equipment is complete without Cheyenne accessories. Our power supply units – Power Unit I, II, and III – ensure the smooth operation of your machines. The Cheyenne Foot Switch is designed to offer you maximum freedom as you work. Our various cables and adapters are made from high-grade, sturdy materials, making them both durable and reliable.

Cheyenne Tattoo Accessories

Cheyenne Accessories

Your creative work as a tattoo artist means you need to be able to rely on all of your tattoo equipment to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This also includes accessories like foot switches, power units, cables, and adapters. Here too, Cheyenne offers first-class tattoo equipment that makes your work smoother, easier, and more comfortable – for you as an artist as well as for your customers.
A smooth-functioning power unit is the be-all and end-all of good tattoo equipment. That's why Cheyenne Power Units are tailored to the demands of tattoo artists, with intuitive controls making them easy to use. Power Unit I allows you to operate one tattoo machine, while Power Unit II allows you to connect two machines and switch back and forth between them. Cheyenne Power Units are sturdy, lightweight, functional, and easy to care for. But our Cheyenne Power Unit III represents a true breakthrough when it comes to power units. It features contact-free, gesture-based controls that are set to revolutionize tattooing. This device makes working more comfortable than ever before. Use hand gestures to switch between 23 frequencies without ever touching the power unit. Hold your hand in front of the device to start or stop it. Further benefits of the Cheyenne Power Unit III include eight magnets for safe and flexible attachment, perfect display visibility thanks to a built-in position sensor, and two USB ports for connecting and charging additional devices. All these new features make your work as a tattoo artist easier and more hygienic than ever before, so you can focus on what's really important: tattooing with absolutely precision.
Convenience on the job is also guaranteed by our Cheyenne Foot Switch. Tattoo pros swear by our Foot Switch: it offers 360° accessibility, is easy to use and stable in place, and is made of super-sturdy materials.
Like other Cheyenne equipment, our tattoo accessories sport the classic Cheyenne style: The black-and-orange color combo and minimalist design add to any tattoo studio. And as you've come to expect from Cheyenne, we offer the highest quality "Manufactured in Berlin".