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About us

We have been developing and producing professional tattoo equipment in Berlin since 2007, in close cooperation with selected tattoo artists. Our production site is located in Germany (Berlin), and we therefore fulfill the highest German product quality standards. As the market leader for innovative, high-end tattoo equipment, we consider it our duty to provide tattoo artists with optimal tools and contribute to the tattoo industry's development.

About Cheyenne

About Us

We produce high-performance and reliable rotary machines, cartridges in numerous popular configurations, ergonomic and robust grips, and practical tattoo accessories. Above all, we see ourselves as producers of high-quality, safe consumer products.
We place high value on our exchange with tattoo artists because this allows us to supply artists with what is important to them – simple, easy-to-use devices and high-quality tattoo needles that guarantee maximum safety. We can guarantee the latter by complying with medical standards: Cheyenne has its roots in medical technology, which gives us the necessary know-how and the technical possibilities to deliver needles with flawless quality. Our needle cartridges feature the patented Cheyenne Safety Membrane, which keeps fluids away from the grip and the machine. The Safety Membrane guarantees the utmost safety – for both the artist and the customers.
However, our primary focus is not just quality and safety, but also innovation and technical finesse. Our products have already helped transform the tattoo industry on several occasions. Cheyenne Cartridges were the first single-use cartridges available for rotaries, catapulting the level of convenience and hygiene to new heights. We are constantly working to improve our products. Only highly innovative, technically-advanced devices can help to considerably simplify complicated procedures and minimize workloads. This allows artists to concentrate entirely on what's essential – expressing themselves through their art.