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Cheyenne Team

Our Cheyenne Team consists of different departments who pull on one string. Each department is closely linked to each other and has one common goal- to create the best tattoo equipment for you!

Business Unit Leader

Our business unit management is the heart of Cheyenne. The Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment leadership has the privilege of managing a dynamic team that forms the core of a company fully dedicated to quality. Our goal is to drive the evolution of global tattoo culture from our base in Berlin and to meet the current and future needs of tattoo artists from around the world. Here, innovation and market-leading technology merge with the daily challenges of a family company that now employs several hundred members of staff. "Manufactured in Berlin" is the principle we follow.
We are always happy to lend an ear to our end customers and distributors and we work relentlessly to give tattoo artists from around the world the opportunity to use high-quality, innovative, and safe Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment products.  

Product Management

From the first idea for a new product to its market launch: Our product management team accompanies Cheyenne's innovative technology the entire way - sometimes over years. Together with selected top artists from the industry, we develop products with the goal of making your life as a tattoo artist easier. Within the industry, we are the only company in the world that boasts such a broad product portfolio and manufactures to such a complete degree in-house.
Feedback from the market is extremely important for our new and existing products. This is why we regularly have our machines tested and consult tattoo artists and distributors. If you want to contribute to the design of Cheyenne products, you can help us by participating in our surveys. To do so, simply sign up for our newsletter: Link newsletter registration

Mechanical Production

"Manufactured in Berlin" – this is the motto that our work revolves around. Here, we produce the turned parts for your machines, as well as milling, drilling, and fitting the casings. With our vast machine park and cumulative know-how, we are most definitely the heavyweights at Cheyenne. We turn and mill your HAWK PENs, HAWK Thunders, HAWK Spirits and SOL Novas made of an aluminum suitable for anodizing – and we do so almost 24/7. This is where our products first see the light of day!

Cartridge Assembly

Safe, hygienic, and easy to use. These are the qualities you have come to expect of Cheyenne Cartridges in your everyday studio work and at trade fairs. But they undergo a long journey before they leave our assembly department and make their way to you. Equipped with hand-soldered needle groupings of top-notch steel, the cartridges are assembled on site and then submitted to multiple intensive quality inspections. State-of-the-art microscopic cameras and the eagle eyes of our critical employees examine the cartridges for any damage or dirt, needle spacing and configurations, unobstructed lengths of solder, and a perfect cut. We ensure that our distributors - and thereby our end customers - only receive absolute top quality.

Device Assembly

Cheyenne products have a high-quality and minimalist design. But beneath the elegant shell, the interior reveals complex mechanics and precision down to the micrometer. In the device assembly department, employees put together various types of machines, power units, and foot switches at ergonomically designed work spaces - with caring and painstaking craftsmanship. Our responsibilities in this area range from assembling the tiniest coordinated components to conducting the final check and quality control, and we are proud to be able to distinguish ourselves with the world-renowned "Made in Germany" seal. We guarantee that all the products that leave our department are of the highest quality and "Manufactured in Berlin". 


Digital technology is what drives our team - our task is to offer our users the best experience with our website, shop and other channels. Furthermore, we support the Cheyenne marketing team on their mission and make sure that our newsletter is being delivered trouble-free and you only see Cheyenne content which is relevant for you. All other teams can count on us too, we choose the most convenient tools and software to support our colleagues and guarantee the best performance.


Every day, hundreds of packages leave Cheyenne's warehouse to provide our distributors and sponsored artists around the world with our goods. If a device needs repairs, this is where these packages are shipped back to you. Sometimes we'll throw in a product for you to test or supply you with promotional material and catalogs. One particular challenge we face is dealing with the countless worldwide import regulations, customs tariffs, tax rates, and various other provisions, all of which we need to know in detail. The shipping department and customs office are our brave warriors in the daily paper war - always with support from the back office! 

Back Office/Customer Support

When you place an order with us, either as a distributor or a corporate artist, you will definitely hear from our competent back office employees, on the phone or by email. The goal of our customer support employees is to make you happy in the quickest and simplest way possible, by promptly delivering the ordered products in the correct quantities and in good quality. Of course, our staff is always well-informed and they are glad to answer any question you may have on products, prices, warranty, or repairs. 

Our back office is available to you from Monday to Thursday between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and on Fridays between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm: 


Even with the highest TÜV-certified production standards, it can sometimes happen that a machine or equipment has a fault or a part needs to be replaced. But you are protected by a comprehensive warranty and our professional team. They receive regular and intensive training in order to position even the smallest screw in the right place. To ensure quality, all machines are repaired at our headquarters in Berlin or in our repair center in USA/Canada. Delays can occur due to long shipping times from third countries or a high volume of machines. We are also happy to take care of machines that are no longer under warranty. In this case we will provide a cost estimate before the repair. Please support us by following the guide for your country on our homepage, so that you can get your machine/equipment back in your hands as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at:


Our sales team acquires and supports our partner distributors, so that tattoo artists worldwide have their favorite equipment available at any time, in the shortest time and the shortest way. Whether at conventions or in tattoo studios, the sales team is always happy to help with advice and support. For inquiries write us at:


The marketing team creates any kind of material that helps raise awareness of our products, our artists, and our brand on the market. Whether offline with flyers, product catalogs, lanyards, and stickers, or online on our website, with SEO, or on social media. We see marketing as an integrative approach that extends all the way to product management. We create all of this in the marketing department. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for a cooperation? Send us an email here:

Artist Management

The artist management team is primarily responsible for looking after our corporate artists. Since these artists are representative of our customers, this is a very important task for us. The artist management department therefore serves as a personal contact for Cheyenne artists when it comes to all matters regarding products, marketing ideas, product tests, video productions, convention planning, and joint projects. For all artist inquiries, please send us an e-mail to


At Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, quality is of the highest priority to us. That’s why we only buy from the best suppliers. Together with our engineers and employees, we optimize our processes and projects on a daily basis. Active and professional supplier management helps us ensure that all national and international vendors supply us with hundreds of components every day, at the best prices, in the best quality, and at the arranged time.

With short delivery times, efficient processes, and sustainable, trusting relationships, we oversee the entire supply chain to make sure we always satisfy our plant in Berlin and, above all, our customers.

Project Management

The project management team reports directly to business unit management and is responsible for Cheyenne's special projects outside of the daily operations. As an administrative department, the project management team works across different areas, assists other departments when needed, or coordinates more comprehensive actions. Organization, versatility, and oversight are key here.