Cheyenne Cartridges: from the invention of the tattoo needle cartridge to the best product of its kind


In 2005 Cheyenne revolutionized the tattoo market. As professional, mass-produced tattoo equipment at the time there have been only coil machines with long bar needles. Here, you needed a separate tattoo machine for each needle configuration.

We thought there was an easier, more convenient and safer solution for this, so we packed the needles into a case and equipped it with a docking mechanism that allowed these needle cartridges to be changed in seconds. The Safety Cartridge was born and from now on tattoo artists only needed one tattoo machine. The name Safety Cartridges already says the most important thing to know about the product: safety. As long as there is no tattooing, there are no more exposed needles, which has greatly reduced the number of accidental injuries. But much more crucial is the patented safety membrane we invented. On the one hand, it pulls the needle back into the cartridge housing, and on the other hand, it separates the contaminated area of the needle from the clean grip section. The tightness of the Cheyenne safety membrane is tested and guaranteed. This means that ink, blood and other body fluids cannot flow back into your equipment. This protects the electronics of your tattoo machine, which would be short-circuited by all these fluids, but most of all it protects your clients from infections with pathogens caused by cross-contamination. This principle is copied by almost all needle cartridges on the market, making the Cheyenne Safety Cartridges the mother of all needle cartridges.

Features of the Safety Cartridges

Safety cartridges are now available as liners, magnums, shaders and flats in 61 configurations, and we are constantly expanding the range. Colored caps help you to distinguish these needle types. A 100% control by experienced experts, according to the medical standard ISO 13485, guarantees the highest quality and the tightness of the safety membrane in all our cartridges complies with the requirement of the European standard EN 17169 Tattooing - Safe and hygienic practice. The documented proof of this is available for download here.

Cheyenne Safety Cartridges have changed the lives of countless tattoo artists. If you want to use this original, the Safety Cartridges are made for you.


Craft cartridges, have the same safety membrane as Safety cartridges and thus the same safety features, even though their name does not include the word Safety. Their housings are a bit simpler in design and the choice of configurations is limited to the most important 19. This allows us to produce the Craft Cartridges at a lower cost than Safety Cartridges. We are happy to pass this cost savings on to tattoo artists and offer them the Cheyenne quality they have come to expect, even if the budget is a little tighter. 

Features of the Craft Cartridges

In the current, revised design, the housing of the Craft Cartridges is transparent to allow an optimal view of the ink flow. Grooves and a slightly sleeker shape support the handling when changing the cartridges and of course during tattooing. Like all Cheyenne cartridges, our Crafts are subjected to a 100% inspection.

If you need affordable needle cartridges and the standard configurations are enough for you but you don't want to give up quality and safety, our Craft Cartridges are made for you.


In 2021 Cheyenne has revolutionized the tattoo world once again. We are constantly asking ourselves what we can do to make the life of tattoo artists even easier, more comfortable and safer, and we have come across a problem that all needle cartridges share.

Until now, high precision and good ink flow have been mutually exclusive. Why is that?

For good ink flow, you need sufficient clearance between the needle package and the cartridge tip wall. The more viscous the ink, the larger this gap must be. The larger this gap is, however, the more space the needle package has to "dance" around in the tip. For a high-precision needle cartridge, the needle package must be well guided. This good guidance is achieved by a narrow opening in the module tip, which in turn leads to poor ink flow.

We solve this dilemma with Capillary Cartridges. A channel runs in the tip of the cartridge, which fills itself and an overlying reservoir with ink. Since the channel spirals around the needle package, uniform wetting is guaranteed at all times while the needle is guided tightly. This ensures high precision coupled with excellent ink flow. You have to dip Capillary Cartridges a little longer in the ink cap than conventional needles, but you will be rewarded by an ink flow up to 10 times longer. 

For detailed information on these and other benefits of capillary cartridges, see our blog article: 

Features of the Capillary Cartridges

Of course, Capillary Cartridges are also equipped with our patented safety membrane, which complies with the requirements of EN 17169. They do not leave our Berlin production without a 100% inspection by experienced colleagues according to the medical standard ISO 13485 and of course our top cartridges also have the color caps.

At launch, the Capillary Cartridges are available in 18 configurations. But there will be more soon, because we believe they are the best cartridges in the world.

If you are looking for the best equipment available for your work, then Capillary Cartridges are made for you.

With this article, we hope to have given you an overview of all available Cheyenne cartridges. If you still can't decide, maybe the opinions of renowned tattoo artists will help you, which you can view on our social media channels Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.