A true Cartridge Evolution - or why all tattoo artists need this new cartridge generation

Cheyenne's revolutionary tattoo needles

Cheyenne revolutionized the tattoo world when we invented the tattoo needle cartridge in 2007. From now on, there was no need to own an individual tattoo machine for each tattoo needle configuration and prepare it every working day. The tattoo cartridge system allows quick change of the required needle configurations with only one tattoo machine and has become the norm for most tattoo artists. The prerequisite for this was to pack the tattoo needles in a housing that has a practical interface that guarantees a secure hold on the one hand, but also easy changing of the cartridges on the other. The housing protects the needles from accidental damage and the tattoo artist from injury. The most important component, however, is the safety membrane. It ensures that the needles are always pulled back into the housing and separates the contaminated area of the tattoo needle from the clean area of the grip and the machine. The tightness of the patented Cheyenne safety membrane is tested and guaranteed. This means that ink, blood and other bodily fluids cannot flow back into your tattoo equipment. This protects the electronics of your tattoo machine, which would be short-circuited by all these fluids, but especially your customers from infections with pathogens caused by cross-contamination.

Introduced as Safety Cartridges, this Cheyenne innovation still exists today and is the blueprint for nearly all tattoo needle cartridges on the market. In the past nearly 14 years, numerous manufacturers have introduced tattoo cartridges in countless configurations and variations, but in principle, all of these products are merely imitations of the Cheyenne Safety Cartridges. Driven to provide artists with the most innovative solutions and the best products, we have thought about how we can make the lives of tattoo artists even more comfortable so that they can get their art into the skin even better.

Capillary Cartridges combine good ink flow and high precision

High precision and good ink flow are mutually exclusive for tattoo cartridges. For high precision, the needle package must be well guided. If this is to be achieved, especially with liner configurations in all directions, an opening of the tattoo cartridge tip so small that the gap between the tip wall and the needle package is almost zero is required. This would ensure that the needle could not "dance around" inside the tip and would move up and down very precisely. However, if the gap were really that small, the cartridge would hardly release any ink and color flow would be virtually non-existent. For a high ink flow, therefore, you need a larger opening in the tattoo cartridge tip so that the ink can also flow. Such large openings in turn lead to a decrease in precision, since the needle package can no longer be guided smoothly and evenly in such a case.

With the Capillary Cartridges, we solve this conflict. Our patent-pending tattoo cartridge tip has a channel that fills itself and an overlying reservoir with ink when the needle is dipped into the ink cap. As the channel spirals around the needle package, uniform wetting is guaranteed at all times. This ensures excellent ink flow. You may have to dip the tattoo cartridges into the ink cap a little longer than usual until everything is filled, but you will be rewarded with an ink flow up to 10 times longer than with conventional tattoo needle cartridges. In Magnum configurations, all individual needles, including those in the top row, are now reliably and completely wetted. This means that areas are filled consistently and, above all, more quickly, which causes less trauma to the customer's skin.

This new cartridge design not only ensures unparalleled ink flow, but also guarantees tight needle guidance, resulting in a very high degree of precision. In combination, this has never existed before. The special thing is that this precision is maintained when tattooing with liners in all directions. In plain language, this means that you could rotate your tattoo machine completely around its own axis while drawing lines, without suffering any loss in line quality.

Anyone who is still concerned that the capillary and the reservoir make complete rinsing and mixing of different shades within the tip difficult can rest assured. This is possible as usual. With the Capillary Cartridges we open a new chapter for modern tattooing and every artist should experience their benefits for themselves. In any case, we believe that the Capillary Cartridges are the best needle cartridges the tattoo world has ever seen.

What do our artists say about the Capillary Cartridges?


OMG these new tattoo needles are absolutely amazing! Great job! I don’t do much outlining in my work and those liners take all the pressure off! Such smooth flow of ink that lasts forever!

- Steve Peace


As an artist who primarily mixes my color from a primary and secondary color palette, using these cartridges took a lot of getting used to. Since the Capillary cartridge holds more ink, it is necessary to keep the tip in the color you are adding longer in order for it to soak up more of the pigment to properly mix. This is not a negative, since it allows you to have more of the mixed color inside the cartridge. I must say, the needles in these new cartridges are superb! I can see the Capillary Cartridges making the tattoo process easier and more efficient.

- Biagio


I’ve tried the Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges for my last 7 or so tattoos and I was blown away, firstly at how cool it looks when you dip and the ink winds it’s way up the tip and secondly, by how long can actually tattoo with them without having to dip back in the ink cup. Once again a great new innovation from Cheyenne, constantly changing the game for the better for artists. I’m looking forward to trying more needle groupings out!

- Beny Pearce