Be a #cheyennepirate

New box of 20

Be a #cheyennepirate

Pirates of the tattoo scene

The oceans and their benefits are irreplaceable! Losing this is a price we are not willing to pay. Just like you are not! We all love our environment and want to do good for them.

Since we as a manufacturer also produce garbage, we want to take responsibility for it. According to your wishes, the box of 20 Cheyenne cartridges is available now! A part of our revenue goes to Sea Shepherd. And the usual quality is maintained, the content is doubled.
You can acquire them at the local Cheyenne distributor of your choice.

We offer you the opportunity to save the environment while buying your tattoo cartridges. You can also learn more about the #cheyennepirate movement at:

The 20 Cheyenne cartridges are the core element of our flash mob. Take part and promote it. Every purchase of a 20 box Cheyenne Cartridge supports Sea Shepherd.

Join our flash mob! For more information visit our Instagram:

Become part of the #cheyennepirate family!