Cheyenne Cartridges Safety and Craft Cheyenne Cartridges Safety and Craft


Cheyenne Cartridges are innovative tattoo needle cartridges, effective and easy to use. These cartridges meet the highest standards of hygiene: They feature a special safety membrane and prevent the production of abrasive residue which could find its way into the bloodstream. The elaborate sterilization process and hands-on quality inspections by seasoned experts guarantee hygienic, safe, and precise operation.

Cheyenne Tattoo Cartridges

Cheyenne Cartridges

Cheyenne Cartridges are ready-to-use tattoo needle cartridges that do not require additional assembly or sterilization. The needles are placed inside plastic casing, forming the tip in a standard tattoo machine.
One of the key features of Cheyenne Cartridges is the patented Safety Membrane. Situated inside the cartridge, it prevents fluid from penetrating the machine. It guarantees that ink, blood, and wound secretions remain clear of the grip and the machine’s interior. This makes tattooing much safer for you as the tattoo artist, but also for the customer.
Cheyenne Cartridges also stand out due to the exceptional quality of our needles – throwing away needles or leaving them unused because of quality deficiencies is unheard of for Cheyenne Cartridges. Our cartridges are subject to various quality inspections by our qualified experts to guarantee professional and hygienic tattooing. The tattoo needles are delivered in sterile and hygienic packaging. The sterilization process guarantees a long shelf life of up to five years.
The cartridges are effective and easy to use. You can switch between different needle cartridges in a matter of seconds. This means that can easily get hold of your preferred needle configuration, even while working. The needles move in smooth, straight lines, distributing ink evenly beneath the skin. This guarantees precision and focus – without wobbles or inaccuracies.
Cheyenne Cartridges are available in two versions – as Safety Cartridges and as Craft Cartridges. Our innovative, patented Safety Cartridges have been setting new standards since 2007. color caps that make it easier to find your way around the cartridge groups. With the transparent tip, you instantly recognize the color of ink in use, which is both convenient and time-saving.
Cheyenne Craft Cartridges differ from Safety Cartridges in their shape: Craft Cartridge casings are cast in one piece. Their needles also stand out with their exceptional quality. In contrast to many cheap knock-offs, these needles do not produce any abrasive residue that could find its way into the bloodstream – another plus when it comes to hygiene and safety. For our Craft Cartridges, we have selected 19 needle configurations that are especially popular with tattoo artists. The clever Cheyenne Cartridge System allows you to switch between needle configurations quickly, safely, and easily.