Vegan walk in

You can act local – and you can act global

Attention Berlin! Our Cheyenne artist Felix Seele will organize a „VEGAN WALK IN“ in his tattoo shop on Saturday March 23rd in Berlin, Germany! The entire proceeds of the Tattoos and event will completely donated to the German animal shelter.

The doors will be open at 12.00 and there will be a vegan brunch. No appointments are needed to get a tattoo. The following Grimm crew members will be available for you:

Felix Seele, Melissa Crooge, Diamante Murru, Marcus Ottner, Hollie Pryces Jones.

Cheyenne and Sea Shepherd will also visit the event to promote our current campaign to save the oceans with our new Cheyenne cartridges 20pck !!
„You can act local and you can act global“ is the slogan, which we all would like to spread around the world. Everybody can help to create a better world.
Feel free to visit this event or don’t miss our live Social Media performance! Stay tuned for further news.


Cheyenne Artist Felix Seele works with HAWK Thunder for his bold blackwork.
Berlin-based Cheyenne Artist Felix Seele utilizes the power from HAWK Thunder for the intensive lines and fillings in his art.