Our new video series “Tattoo Safety” – First episode: Scandinavia

Tattoo hygiene and safety are absolutely essential for Cheyenne. But not all tattoo artists have time to deal with the hygiene regulations. Especially guest artists, who travel to different countries, might not be familiar with specific regulations in all countries. That's why we decided to produce a video series about tattoo safety and involve Cheyenne artists from different regions. Today we would like to present the first episode of the video series: Jens Bergström will tell you everything about hygiene regulations in Scandinavia, with the focus on Sweden.

Tattoo hygiene regulations in Scandinavia

Jens Bergström has been tattooing for 23 years. He is a member of the Swedish Tattoo Association and runs a platform for tattoo and piercing education in Scandinavia. Jens has been giving lectures on tattoo hygiene for 10 years now. He was one of the first artists in Scandinavia to work with Cheyenne products and has been convinced, that Cheyenne equipment offers the highest level of tattoo safety, ever since.
In this video, Jens illustrates why Cheyenne is currently the safest equipment on the market and explains the Scandinavian hygiene regulations.
The following topics are covered in detail:
  • Mechanical cleaning of the tattoo machines: The difference between clean, ultra-clean and sterile.
  • Covering all types of tattoo machines: The procedure and the material.
  • Autoclaving the Grips: Why is autoclaving or ultrasonic cleaning so important.
  • Cartridges: Proper use and disposal.