"Tattoo Safety" Series - Fifth Episode: Italy

This time Alex de Pase will tell you everything about tattoo safety as #1 priority in his work. Why implementing a series of standard procedures, which we should follow every single day, is essential for a tattoo artist.
Alex de Pase is a well-known tattoo artist, who has been tattooing for 30 years. He mostly focuses on realistic full-color portraits. Alex owns several tattoo studios around the world, gives didactic seminars and is the director of MITA Udine, school dedicated to artistic tattooing at the Fine Arts Academy G.B. Tiepolo. Furthermore, he is the owner of the brand Dermalize, which produces protective tattoo film.
Alex de Pase has been working with Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment for more than 10 years and has always appreciated its quality and safety. That is why he will also talk about the advantages of our equipment regarding tattoo hygiene and safety.
Watch this video to learn everything you need to work as safe as possible and understand the importance of knowing the rules and guidelines.

Fifth episode - Tattoo Safety in Italy

Our video covers the following topics in detail:

  • Tattoo Safety and hygiene routine
  • How to cover your tattoo machine - SOL Terra
  • How to disinfect during and after a tattoo session
  • Dermalize - the ultimate solution to protect your tattoo and let your skin breathe
  • The advantages of Cheyenne tattoo equipment
  • Tattoo safety and hygiene regulations in Italy