HAWK Pen Unio - A symbiosis of the HAWK-Family in one tattoo pen

Since 2007, the line of machines called “HAWK” have been a well-known name in the tattoo scene. The legendary HAWK Thunder, HAWK Spirit and HAWK Pen changed the way tattoo artists work, but also created a dilemma for some artists: Which machine should they choose? Is an angled or pen-style machine the right choice? The HAWK Thunder is used for lining and color packing, the HAWK Spirit for shading and delicate black and grey work, the HAWK Pen seems to be a great all-rounder, and so on. With the introduction of the HAWK Pen Unio, the newest member of the HAWK family, this choice becomes easier than ever.

(*before you read on, you can find out more about the tattoo machines of the HAWK Family here.)

HAWK Pen: The first pen-shaped tattoo machine

With the invention of the HAWK Pen, we merged the boundaries between artistic expression and tattooing techniques, allowing tattoo artists to work as if they were holding a pen or a brush in their hand. Copied countless times today, back then the HAWK Pen was the first ever tattoo machine in pen-style form. The ergonomics ensure comfort during long tattoo sessions, reduce pain in the wrist and guarantee freedom of movement in different angles. The design of the HAWK Pen was also awarded with the Red Dot Award and has since then been inspiring tattoo artists all over the world.

What makes the HAWK Pen a legend?

Besides having a revolutionary, ergonomic form, HAWK Pen works very quietly and with minimal vibration. The 3,5 mm/0.14-inch stroke makes it the perfect all-rounder machine for both lining and shading. Thanks to the Responsive Mode, the hit and stitch frequency reacts to the surface tension of the skin. The HAWK Pen can be customized with 5 tattoo grips of different sizes - two sizes of HAWK Pen Grips and three sizes of Disposable Grips. Covering a tattoo machine has never been easier, due to the straight form only one sleeve is needed. Cheyenne also took care of adding some roll inhibition to prevent unintentional rolling of the pen around the workspace.

HAWK Pen Unio: Perfection made even better

But is it possible to make the perfect all-rounder tattoo machine even better? We say - YES! Let us introduce you to the HAWK Pen Unio, which is the fusion of the best features of all HAWK machines. We took the award-winning, ergonomic form of the HAWK Pen and added the features of the HAWK Thunder and HAWK Spirit. As a result, the first Cheyenne tattoo pen with adjustable stroke, HAWK Pen Unio, was born. Whether for lining, shading or color packing, just choose the desired stroke between 2,5 mm/0.10 inch and 4,0 mm/0.16 inch and you are ready to go. Thanks to stepless adjustment, switching between different strokes has never been easier. Furthermore, the HAWK Pen Unio has your favorite Cheyenne tattoo machine features like adjustable needle depth, Steady Mode for constant hit and stitch frequency and a selection of various removable tattoo grips. We also added a robust case, so you can protect and transport your tattoo machine. And of course, the HAWK Pen Unio is made in Germany according to medical standards.