A new dimension in tattooing

The SOL Luna and SOL Terra are the newest Cheyenne machines, here you can find out what makes them so special and what possibilities the change of algorithms, with which the motor is controlled, brings you.

A new dimension of tattooing

Cheyenne SOL Luna and SOL Terra are the entry into a new world of tattooing. They are the first two machines that allow you to switch between the engine algorithms. This Cheyenne innovation is designed to protect the skin and accelerate the healing process. The haptic feedback from the Responsive Mode gives you full control, through constant consideration of your customers' skin.

When the Responsive Mode is activated, the penetration depth of the needle is permanently adjusted. This is done by "picking up" the skin's resistance. The algorithms of the BLDC motor adapt to the conditions of the skin to produce an extremely clean stitch pattern. The sensation of pain is additionally minimized by the gentle mode of operation of the motor.
In the Steady Mode, the needle penetrates the skin with constant force.

Both handpieces are the quietest that have ever left Cheyenne production, operating between 25 and 150 Hz. The brushless DC motor allows a powerful and low vibration behaviour of the machines.
A jack cage, which is integrated into the durable and easy to clean anodized housing, protects the 3.5 mm jack plug in every situation.
The complete production takes place as usual and under highest medical hygiene standards in our Berlin factory.

With all these things in common, there is one important difference: While the SOL Luna with its 2.5mm stroke is designed for shades and surfaces, the SOL Terra works with 4mm stroke and is therefore perfect for strong lines and colorpackings.

The patented Cheyenne Safety and Craft cartridges are recommended for all Cheyenne handpieces due to their outstanding reliability. They support extremely hygienic working to ensure an optimal healing process. The SOL Luna weighs only 87g without handle, the SOL Terra only 85g.

The choice between Responsive Mode and Steady Mode catapults the artist into a completely new tattoo experience. Once again, Cheyenne shows how innovation can give the user maximum freedom to develop artistically.