Capillary Cartridges - the tattoo needles with 10x longer ink flow

With these cartridges you can tattoo longer between dipping: The innovative Capillary Cartridges from Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment guarantee you a metered ink flow lasting up to ten times longer, simplifying your processes. Just imagine: rather than constantly stopping and dipping your needles, you can work longer with more focus on your design. With the new Capillary Cartridges, this is a reality thanks to the new capillary reservoir in the tip of the cartridges

Capillary needle cartridges simplify tattooing

For years, the Cheyenne development team has been working in tandem with tattoo artists of all styles, analyzing workflows, keeping in mind the question: What can we do to make life easier for tattoo artists and to advance the quality and safety of tattooing?
A needle cartridge that is able to hold more ink and deliver it evenly and longer was one of the ideas that made it to completion. Once again, Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment has succeeded in creating a true innovation. Just like when the Safety cartridge needles were developed here in Berlin, over 15 years ago and first introduced to the tattoo market. The market entry of the Cheyenne cartridges revolutionized tattooing. The cartridges are clicked onto the machine in the blink of an eye and tattooing can be done safely and reliably. Liner and shader were combined into one machine, also thanks to Cheyenne innovation, so switching between different machines became a choice and not a necessity. Because one tattoo machine can do it all, countless cartridges can be swapped: liners, shader, and mags in a matter of seconds.

For over 15 years, Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment has stood for convenient, user-friendly, and safe solutions in the field of tattooing supplies. With our patent-pending Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges we continue this pioneering role and offer tattoo artists a new working experience. Inside the tattoo cartridge tip is a capillary reservoir. When filled, Capillary Cartridges hold more ink than conventional tattoo cartridges. The result is a metered flow of ink that enables the artist to tattoo up to ten times longer before having to dip the tattoo needles again. Mixing of colors in the cartridge and complete cleaning with water is still possible. Improved needle guidance allows ultra-precise work in any direction even though a good flow of ink and needle precision when working are mutually exclusive with cartridges. To work precisely, the needle channel in the cartridge must be narrow so that the needle has very little play, but that in turn prevents a good flow of tattoo pigment. For the needle to move freely, a larger opening is needed. This is now different with the innovation of the Capillaries. In addition to longer ink flow, there is both a channel in the patented tip of the cartridge and a reservoir above that fills with ink when the needle is dipped into the ink cap. Unlike standard needle cartridges on the market, the channel spirals around the needle group, so the needle sits more tightly, and the spiral shape ensures even wetting at all times. This ensures excellent ink flow with unprecedented precision.
If the cartridges are changed during the tattooing process, care must be taken to ensure that the cartridge used is rinsed well before it is put away, as ink and blood residue could dry out and clog the capillary. To avoid this, the capillary cartridge may be placed in a cup with water. However, it is important to ensure that the level of the water only reaches the tip of the cartridge. To prevent cross-contamination, the used cartridge must be handled carefully and the push-bar and the shaft of the cartridge must never come into contact with this water. Otherwise the health of customers may be endangered. Depending on the color or lubricant used during tattooing, it is important to rinse the cartridge well every now and then, making sure to follow the instructions above.

The Capillary Cartridges are available in 18 different configurations of the following groups: Liner, Magnum and Magnum Soft Edge. The range of configurations will be extended in the future.

What you should pay attention to when tattooing with the Capillaries

Artist feedback is extremely important in our work. Every product is rigorously tested by tattoo artists before it reaches the market, and in addition, we build on the observations and information we get from tattoo artists to make improvements. 
With the Capillary Cartridges, we received feedback that we’d like to share with you: 

  • Be sure to dip the needle into the ink and hold it longer than you normally would to allow the reservoir to get completely filled. In some cases, the process of tattooing is so automatic that artists only dip the capillaries into the ink for as brief of a time as they do with conventional cartridges so the reservoir doesn’t get as full as it should. Once you've retrained your dipping style, you'll immediately notice the change.
  • If you swap out the cartridges during tattooing, make sure that the cartridge used is rinsed well before setting it aside for later reuse. 

Have special questions about our Capillary Cartridges or want to share your user tips with us? Then feel free to contact us.