Artist Feedback

Carlos Fabra

Bene Bader

Calle Corson

Christos Galiropoulos

Ael Lim

Chris Block

  • High-end design - Made in Germany

    The main tool any tattoo artist uses, should reflect his quality standards. Our many years of development work have led us to create the SOL Nova so as to provide you, the artist, with a machine that offers more freedom to express your skills and your artistic fantasy.

    Live out your philosophy: NO LIMITS – BE AN ARTIST!

  • Can be combined with all CHEYENNE SAFETY CARTRIDGES - for endless possibilities

    To realise all tattoo styles at the highest level, you combine your SOL Nova with our original SAFETY and CRAFT CARTRIDGES. The proven, uncomplicated modular system – Made in Germany by CHEYENNE makes it possible for you to quickly switch between the 56 needle configurations – really easy: screw in and off you go!

  • Even less vibration for the utmost precision

    The SOL Nova is much quieter and vibrates less than conventional tattoo devices. But it still has high puncturing power and frequency.

  • The subtle difference – infinite needle protrusion

    By rotating the grip, you can infinitely set and alter your optimum needle protrusion. The correct needle setting must be taken into account depending on the application and skin type in order to achieve perfect results.

  • 360° creative freedom of movement

    Taking into consideration all of the different requirements, we have developed a tattoo machine that offers tattoo artists creative, almost limitless freedom. The balanced, pen-like shape gives you the feeling of drawing when employing any style. You can thus use the SOL Nova to realise everything from fine lines to gentle shadings and even fillings.

    There are no limits to your abilities!

  • Surfaces that withstand a lot

    A perfect tool for tattoo artists has to do more than just look good. This is why we have made the SOL Nova out of high-quality, robust and easy-care materials. The SOL Nova consists externally of anodised aluminium. This makes the whole surface hard and particularly scratch-proof. At the same time, the surface is hygienic and also looks extremely good.