Protect Your Canvas

The right products for lasting masterpieces

Long-lasting, vibrant tattoos are your “calling card” for years to come, and these need a proper foundation. Transform your client’s skin into a smooth, receptive canvas for your best masterpieces that will be carried with pride and joy. Cheyenne has just the right products that will do the job for you: the Prep&Care range and Capillary Cartridges.

Preparing and caring from the first to the last step:

  • Prep&Care products are perfectly coordinated to soothe the skin and support healing right from the start.

  • Using Capillary Cartridges will cause less trauma to the skin as fewer passes are needed.

  • Miracle Oil and Tattoo Anchor will seal your masterpiece for the longest time.

1. Prep your canvas like a pro

Start protecting your canvas before the first hit of the needle. Use the Stencil Fluid for the best transfer to the skin, optimal fixing of the stencil, and non-sticky surface after drying. At the same time, the unique ingredients of Prep&Care will start creating an anti-inflammatory and nourishing effect as well as promoting wound healing already at this point.

2. Work your magic the most efficient way

At first glance, the products you are about to use are nothing unusual, so there is no need to change your routine. Just follow up with the Prep Lube which is bursting with ingredients that calm the skin and are antibacterial. Of course, it also guarantees perfect gliding of the gloves and needles.
Gab the Capillary magnums – this is where the magic happens! The capillary with a reservoir in the cartridge tip is wrapped around all needles in a spiral. This guarantees even ink distribution to every single needle within the configuration. As a result, each area is filled evenly and quickly, without the need for extra passes. Fewer rounds mean less trauma and better healing conditions afterwards.
Apply the Miracle Oil during the breaks or just at the end of the session to soothe the skin and support the healing. You’ve done what’s best for your canvas, and now it’s up to the client to care for it.

3. Care for the masterpiece

The Miracle Oil is already working but for a seamless transition, give your client the oil bottle to apply to the skin several times a day for the next three days. Afterward they should switch to the Tattoo Anchor to seal the masterpiece and achieve perfect healing results.

There’s more to Capillary Cartridges and Prep&Care

Besides the even ink distribution for the magnum configurations, Capillary Cartridges have a few more tricks in their hat.

  • Hold more ink
  • Guarantee up to 10 times longer ink flow
  • Are extremely precise

The Prep&Care products are most effective when used in combination, as the ingredients support better healing of a tattoo already while it is being worked on. The unique formula was created together with doctors, experts in wound healing and tattoo artists and is the best choice for perfect tattooing.

  • Innovative formula: Ingredients that have never been used in tattoo products before
  • Stimulation of receptor that accelerates healing
  • Boost hydration
  • Reduce irritation and, therefore, itching, pain and scabbing

How to | Capillary Cartridges

Watch this video to find out more about the best ways of using our Capillary Cartridges.

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