Florian Riffel, a trained technical draughtsman, recognised tattoo artist and founder of the tattoo studio AUTARK, has achieved what many in his profession only dream of: expanding a tattoo dream from 25 to over 350 square metres of space and becoming one of the established names in the German tattoo market. A versatile portfolio of tattoo styles, tattoo designs and tattoo solutions, as unique and individual as each customer, ensures a successful tattooing experience. 

Produkte: HAWK Pen SOL Nova Safety Cartridges SOL Terra SOL Luna SOL Nova Unlimited Capillary Cartridges

What can you expect at the Alliance Studios?

Florian Riffel and his colleagues create first-class tattoos at Tattoostudio Autark in Berlin and are happy to make their contribution to increase quality and exchange in the tattoo scene. They are now doing this as a Cheyenne Alliance Studio, and we are very happy about that.
Due to COVID-19, all events are temporarily cancelled.
What can you expect?
  • Presentation of new products from Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment
  • Testing of machines and cartridges at our exhibition displays on fake skin
  • Q&A talk with Cheyenne – ask us all your questions and we will answer
  • Access to Machine repair service – you still have machines that you want to send to the repair service? You can hand them comfortably to our colleagues on site and we will do the rest
  • valuable exchange with other tattoo artists from your region
About the studio

Founded as a 1-man room in Berlin Charlottenburg in 2014 on 25 square metres of space, the studio has grown to over 350 square metres: we think that's strong! Just like Florian Riffel is a strong personality: trained as a technical draughtsman, later a design engineer in mechanical engineering, today he is an excellent and recognised tattoo artist and founder of the AUTARK tattoo studio. 

His vision at the time was to become one of the major players in the German tattoo market, which he has achieved in the best possible way. The Autark Tattoo Studio offers a wide range of tattoo services: tattooing, piercing, an associated photo and film studio, a large exhibition area, permanent make-up and illustrations by various tattoo artists. The Autark team offers a unique transparency and service and consists of a wide variety of artists from all over the world. Guest tattoo artists such as Angelika Kartasheva or Melek Tasketin provide creative variety and diversity in the studio. 

The tattoo shop also offers the possibility to be tattooed painlessly, thanks to hypnosis. A large portfolio of tattoo styles, tattoo designs and solutions, as unique and individual as each customer, ensures a successful tattooing experience. Additional seminars and the desire to train the next generation complete Autark's diverse offer. 

All tattoo artists utilise the full range of Cheyenne products: SOL Nova Unlimited, SOL Terra, SOL Luna, Sol Nova, HAWK Pen, HAWK Spirit and HAWK Thunder alongside the solid Grips and innovative Cheyenne Safety, Craft as well as Capillary Cartridges. Thanks to the professional Cheyenne tattoo equipment, the studio continues to write success stories. 

If you are as excited about this tattoo story as we are, then join Florian Riffel in using our growing international tattoo network of tattoo studios for business opportunities. Be the first to be informed about new product announcements. 



Spandauer Damm 1
14059 Berlin

TEL: +49 30 343 560 30